Study Abroad

Technical Writing & Communication Study Abroad Advisor

Bill West
325 Nolte Center

We highly encourage our technical writing & communication majors to consider studying abroad for a portion of their undergraduate studies.

Study abroad offers students rewarding cultural and educational experiences and can enhance their understanding of global contexts for technical communication. Technical communication increasingly involves intercultural tasks such as translation of documentation and virtual teamwork involving collaboration across the globe. The cultural experience that students gain through study abroad can help sharpen student sensitivities to language and perception in other cultures.

There are many programs and universities that are already approved by the University of Minnesota for study abroad. Take the first step toward studying abroad by meeting with our study abroad advisor, Bill West. Bill will help you identify courses and programs, and be your guide through the study abroad process.

We highly recommend that you plan your study abroad experience for your sophomore or junior year. You should meet with both our undergraduate and study abroad advisors to make sure your academic path allows for study abroad as well as timely graduation.

“My favorite part about studying abroad was how much I learned about myself while I was there.”

Joanne Steinhofer, BS 2011

Learning Abroad Center

The Learning Abroad Center has more information specific to studying technical writing & communication abroad.

For general information on programs, advising, financial aid, scholarships, policies, and application materials, please visit the Learning Abroad Center.