Major & Minor

The Department of Writing Studies offers a BS in technical writing & communication and a minor in technical writing & communication.

Technical writing & communication (TWC) involves communicating complex information to specific audiences with clarity and accuracy. You will build skills in writing, organizing, editing, and designing information across industries and disciplines. TWC courses address theory and practice in visual rhetoric, usability, digital literacy, public writing, project management, intercultural communication, and more.

As a TWC major, you will combine general technical communication coursework (40 credits) with classes in one of four sub-plan areas taken in other departments. Each 15-credit sub-plan was created to help you prepare for career opportunities in specific fields.

- Information technology and design

- Biological and health sciences

- Legal discourse and public policy

- Environmental science

The department also offers a way to supplement degrees outside of the Department of Writing Studies: a 16-credit minor in technical writing & communication. The minor has been crafted to complement your degree program through classes that build technical writing, editing, designing presentations and visuals, and other skills that transfer to today's fast-growing communication industries.