What We Do

We offer comprehensive, personalized guidance in Career Management—one of the ten Core Career Competencies that CLA develops in students to help them demonstrate and articulate their career readiness. 

Here in CLA Career Services (and throughout CLA as a whole), we use the CLA Career Management Model as a framework for guiding you toward career success and satisfaction.

The CLA Career Management Model is a tool you can use to navigate your career path throughout your life. It is made up of three interdependent phases, which you cycle through continuously as both you and the world around you change:

Career Management Model

You will find that we refer to the CLA Career Management Model often here in CLA Career Services, whether we’re working with you one on one in a counseling appointment, teaching you in one of our courses, or referring you to our website. The CLA Career Management Model is part of the culture here, and thus it influences both the language we use to offer career guidance and the organizational approach we take to offering it.

Who We Serve

We work with all degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts. Graduate Career Services are available through the CLA Graduate Programs office. We also help recent CLA alumni for up to one year after their graduation.

Additionally, we are the Pre-Law advising office for all students who attend the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Beyond students, we work with employers and recruiters (to help students find jobs and explore careers), and with U of M faculty and staff.

How We Can Help You

Here in CLA Career Services, we can help you in a wide variety of ways, no matter where you are on your career development journey. 

Perhaps you need to talk to a career counselor because you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed. Maybe you need to track down an informative career resource. Or maybe you just want to explore your academic and career options … or gain some experience to build your Core Career Competencies and other skills … or learn how to prepare for the job/internship search or for graduate/professional school.

Whatever career questions and concerns you might have, we can help you find answers and sort things out!

Diversity Statement

CLA Student Services is committed to providing a comfortable, inclusive, and respectful environment for all members of our communities. If you have accommodation needs, comments, or questions related to accessing our services, please let a member of our staff know.