Debate Topics

The major collegiate policy debate organizations share a common, year-long debate resolution on a question of public concern. Previous resolutions have discussed U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East, domestic energy policy, the desirability of constraining presidential war powers, and the need to extend protections under the Civil Rights Act.

This year's topic addresses the the issue of how to reform the nation’s health care system.” The resolution’s exact wording is:

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish national health insurance in the United States.

Debates on this resolution will cover a wide variety of issues, including the efficacy of reforming the Affordable Care Act, the drawbacks and advantages of market-based health care reforms, the desirability of multi- versus single-payer health care models, and the effects of health care reform on the broader economy. Gopher debaters began their research on this topic in May 2017, and team members will generate thousands of pages of argument briefs on these and other related issues through the end of the competitive season in early April 2018.