Programs & Resources

We have many programs and resources that provide opportunities for community members to benefit from our College’s expertise, or to be engaged with us in some way. While most are intended for the general public, some are intended for particular segments of our community, such as K-12 educators or youth. These programs and resources include in-person opportunities, as well as online.

Art Galleries 

Learn about the various current and upcoming exhibitions in the College’s various art galleries.

Katherine Nash Gallery
Quarter Gallery
Regis West Gallery

Emerging Artist Exhibition Program 

The Department of Art hosts the Emerging Artist Exhibition Program to give emerging Minnesota artists an opportunity to participate in solo or group exhibitions at the Quarter Gallery in the Regis Center for Art at the University of Minnesota.


School of Music Community Programs
Learn about summer programs and academic year programs ranging from intimate workshops to large ensembles that are open to members of the community.
School of Music Events 
Upcoming School of Music events
School of Music Watch & Listen Live Stream
See past performances and live stream upcoming events in the School of Music.
Theatre Arts & Dance Upcoming Shows 
Upcoming shows and performances

The Julia M. Davis Speech-Language-Hearing Center offers a broad range of services for individuals with impairments of speech, language, and hearing.

Audiology Services
Learn about the audiological services provided to people of all ages.
Speech-Language Pathology Services
Learn about the various speech-language therapy and other services provided for those with speech-language needs.
Stuttering Programs
Learn about camps, groups, and individual services for people who stutter.

Statistical Consulting Center
Receive help and collaboration with projects involving statistics and data science.

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Collections & Exhibitions
Explore various digital collections, narratives, and testimonies, or borrow traveling exhibitions related to the Holocaust, genocide, or other mass atrocities.
Immigrant Stories
See more than 250 digital stories created by recent immigrants or refugees, or create your own.
Minnesota Youth Story Squad
Digital stories created by Twin Cities youth in which they talk about personal or social issues that are important to them.
Ojibwe People's Dictionary
The Ojibwe People's Dictionary is a searchable, talking Ojibwe-English dictionary that features the voices of Ojibwe speakers.
UMN Racial Justice Resources
Racial justice resources for students, staff, faculty, and community partners who are activists and are looking for support for their work, models from similar organizing efforts, and potential collaborators and coalition partners. Collected and maintained by the Race, Indigeneity, Gender & Sexuality Studies Initiative in the College of Liberal Arts.

Dakota Language Teaching Certificate
Develop a level of fluency in the language that prepares you to conduct your own immersion classroom (entirely in the language).
Statistics Workshops and Short Courses
Learn about upcoming short courses and workshops on various data science topics.

Global Race, Ethnicity, and Migration (Global REM) Modules
Access modules that allow educators to browse over 20 topics related to immigration history organized by region, theme, and age level.
Green German Project 
Review a collection of open-access teaching materials and curricular resources related to sustainability and environmental topics for use by intermediate-advanced level German language and culture teachers, students, and curriculum designers.
Holocaust & Genocide Education
Learn about a variety of resources related to teaching about the Holocaust and genocide, including resource guides, workshops, and institutes.
Institute for Global Studies Educator Resources
Explore lesson plans, websites, and resource lists that have been developed by licensed K-12 teachers.

Institute for Global Studies Professional Development for Educators 
Learn about professional development opportunities for K-16 teachers on global and international topics.

Minnesota Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute
Learn about a three-week, intensive summer course held at the University of Minnesota every other year for teachers (K-college) to share best practices, engage in critical discussions, conduct research into current theories of literacy and pedagogy, and improve their own skills as writers.
Minnesota Writing Project Workshops
Learn about writing workshops for teachers. 
Minnesota Writing Project Writing & Teaching Resources
See a variety of resources to assist those who teach writing, including lesson plans.

Department of Psychology Research Experience Program Active Research Projects
Explore a list of opportunities for members of the general public to participate as subjects in research studies currently taking place. Some studies may require subjects to meet specific criteria and some may offer compensation.

Genocide Education Outreach Program
An opportunity for community educational institutions and organizations to invite graduate students to offer a lecture or workshop on a topic related to genocide that matches the community’s needs.
The Medieval Book in the K-12 Classroom
An opportunity to invite University students into K-12 classrooms to teach about books in Medieval times.

Austrian Studies History Day Student Support
Review possible History Day topics related to the history of Austria and Central Europe.
Genocide and Mass Violence Resource Guides
Explore resource guides on specific cases of genocide and incidents of mass violence.
Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute Policy Briefs
Read policy briefs that translate and communicate policy-relevant economic research to a broad audience written by faculty, alumni, advisory board members, and other experts affiliated with the institute.
Liberal Arts Expertise around COVID-19
A curated collection listing College of Liberal Arts faculty with expertise on topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic
Liberal Arts Expertise Around Issues of Race, Justice, Dignity, and Respect
A curated collection listing College of Liberal Arts faculty with expertise on issues of race, justice, dignity, and respect
Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law Briefs, Communications, Statements, and Publications 
Read legal briefs supported by the Silha Center, as well as other statements and publications from the center.
The Society Pages
Explore various articles, blogs, or podcasts intended to give social science broader public visibility and influence.
Understanding Hearing Loss
Explore various resources to get a better understanding of hearing loss and learn about the research that the Center for Applied and Translational Sensory Science (CATSS) does to improve hearing.

American Indian Summer Institute
A free week-long summer program intended to get indigenous high school students acquainted with the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus, facilities, students, faculty, and staff.
Minnesota Writing Project Youth Programs
Learn about the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and summer youth writing camp.