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Please check the University's course schedule for information on times and locations of these courses. Note that courses with discussion sections auto-enroll into a lecture assigned to that section. Courses that are offered concurrently with graduate courses (ECON 4161, 4162, 4165, 4166) meet for half the semester and will require registration permission from the director of undergraduate studies.

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Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
ECON 1101Principles of MicroeconomicsSections [31]
ECON 1102Principles of MacroeconomicsSections [31]
ECON 3101Intermediate MicroeconomicsSections [8]
ECON 3102Intermediate MacroeconomicsSections [5]
ECON 3896Internship for Academic CreditSections [1]
ECON 3951Economics CapstoneSections [1]
ECON 3991Independent StudySections [1]
ECON 3993Directed StudiesSections [1]
ECON 4118Advanced Mathematical EconomicsSections [1]
ECON 4163Microeconomic Analysis IIISections [2]
ECON 4164Microeconomic Analysis IVSections [2]
ECON 4211Principles of EconometricsSections [2]
ECON 4261Introduction to EconometricsSections [3]
ECON 4311Economy of Latin AmericaSections [1]
ECON 4317The Chinese EconomySections [1]
ECON 4331WEconomic DevelopmentSections [2]
ECON 4431WInternational TradeSections [1]
ECON 4432WInternational FinanceSections [1]
ECON 4438WAdvanced International TradeSections [1]
ECON 4531Labor EconomicsSections [1]
ECON 4631Industrial Organization and Antitrust PolicySections [2]
ECON 4721Money and BankingSections [1]
ECON 4751Financial EconomicsSections [1]
ECON 4821Public EconomicsSections [1]
ECON 4831Cost-Benefit AnalysisSections [1]
ECON 4993Directed StudySections [1]

Fall 2021

There are no ECON courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.