If you need certification of your ability in one of our languages, please see the information below.

Undergraduate Students

Purpose Procedure

Study abroad applications or fellowships

Contact your instructor or:

A letter explaining the LPE results for another educational institution or employer

Contact the CLA Language Testing Program.

Professional certification for teaching

Contact the CLA Language Testing Program.

Graduate Students

Purpose Procedure

Your degree program

Certification may be done either by the department offering the language or by your graduate program. The language certification is added to your transcript only if the language department signs the form. There are separate processes for the two modes of certification.

For information on how to be certified in a language that GSD offers, see our Language Certification for Graduate Degrees.

A fellowship (e.g., DAAD, Fulbright)

Contact your instructor or:

Non-UMN Students

We don't generally certify language skills for non-students. Some suggestions:

  • Provide those individuals directly with documentation of your past language experience.
  • For document translation, see the department's list of translators.
  • In certain instances, it may be possible to arrange for a language test on a fee-for-service basis by contacting the CLA Language Testing Program.