German, Nordic, Slavic and Dutch Courses

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GNSD offers undergraduate courses, from beginning and intermediate languages to literature and culture, covering nine designators (DTCH, FIN, GER, GSD, NOR, RUSS, SCAN, SLAV, SWED). In addition to helping you fulfill requirements for our majors or minors, many of our courses also count for liberal education (LE), writing intensive (WI), and language requirements.

Our courses can help you expand your knowledge of contemporary and historical languages, literature, and various forms of media (including oral traditions, films, hypermedia). The courses you choose will equip you with critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary perspectives.

View a list of current and upcoming courses in Schedule Builder or in ClassInfo. In Schedule Builder, be sure to search using one of the designators listed above, rather than typing in the topic (e.g., use GER instead of German).