Majors & Minors

We offer the following majors and minors, as well as a certificate in advanced-level German:

Our programs offer students the opportunity to study the language of their choice while exploring new cultures and engaging with issues from other perspectives. Our major and minor programs help you gain unique skills and develop abilities that complement other fields of study and your future career.

  • The BA in German, Scandinavian, Dutch (GSD) allows you to tailor the degree program to your interests, combining German, Scandinavian, and Dutch courses or concentrating on a specific area by pursuing an emphasis in German studies or in Scandinavian and Finnish studies. 
  • With the BA in Russian, you have the opportunity to explore the literary and cultural heritage of Russia while learning a language spoken in a diverse and geopolitically prominent set of countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  • Our minors provide you the opportunity to develop vital language skills and cultural competence. They complement many majors, particularly those with an international focus. 

We encourage you to study abroad or participate in an overseas internship. These experiences strengthen your language skills, deepen your understanding of European/Russian history and culture, sharpen your awareness of global perspectives, and develop critical thinking. Study abroad credits must be approved by a Director of Undergraduate Studies in our program before you depart.