Scholarships & Grants

Department Scholarships

The Department of German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch offers a number of scholarships and grants. Some of these are for GSD or Russian majors only; some are for undergraduates in any field in CLA. The Icelandic scholarship is also open to graduate students in any field in CLA.

Application Deadline

Applications for these scholarships are usually due in Spring semester; the deadline is announced here and through our undergraduate listservs. 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

German College in the Schools Scholarship for Incoming Freshmen

The scholarship is designated for a student who has been enrolled in the College in the Schools program. This is a four-year, $3,000/year tuition scholarship for an incoming student who majors in German. Application information is sent to CIS instructors in the fall.

CLA Scholarships

Learning Abroad Center Study Abroad Scholarships