Vol. 32, Anti-Disinformation Pedagogy: Tackling the Power of Manipulative Media

Eds. David Castillo and Bradley Nelson 

Confronting the Perversion of Language and Information in Our Era of Inflationary Media
David Castillo and Bradley Nelson 

  1. Dis-Info Ops and Strategies of Resistance from Another Age of Inflationary Media 
    David R. Castillo
  2. Look Up and Stop the Steal!: What Los últimos de Filipinas Can Teach Us about Fighting the Dis-Info Ops of Vox España
    Carmen Moreno-Nuño
  3. Empire of the Unknown: Beyond Portuguese Dominion in Colonial Brazil
    Hal Langfur
  4. Extreme-Right Counterpublics in Latin America: Hispanidad, Hashtags, and TikTokers in the Era of Late Fascism
    Carlos M. Amador
  5. A Darkened Caribbean: Metal Music’s Imagery as Decolonial Truth-Telling
    Nelson Varas-Díaz, Daniel Nevárez Araújo, and D.L. Miranda
  6. Sinister Signs: What We Can Learn from Insensatez (Senselessness)
    Colleen Culleton
  7. Social Pedagogy in the Information Age: Creating Reflexive Inclusivity to Combat Social Media-Fueled Narcissism and Solipsism
    Bradley J. Nelson and Vivek Venkatesh
  8. It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it: Socio-cultural Learning, Motivational Interviewing, and the Usefulness of Cervantine Contradiction in Teaching Reality Literacy 
    Stephen Hessel
  9. Disinformation and Dispelling the Big Lie in Don Quijote
    Stacey L. Parker Aronson
  10. Early Modern Deepfakes: Honing Critical Spectatorship through Pixelated Performances
    Paul Michael Johnson
  11. Who Owns the World We Need to Know?: Political Emancipation and Anti-Disinformation Pedagogy
    Antonio Gómez L-Quiñones

Humanistic Studies and the Challenges of Disinformation
Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini