In and Of the Mediterranean

Ed. Michelle M. Hamilton and Nuria Silleras-Fernandez

The Iberian Peninsula has always been an integral part of the Mediterranean world, from the age of Tartessos and the Phoenicians to our own era and the Union for the Mediterranean. The cutting-edge essays in this volume examine what it means for medieval and early modern Iberia and its people to be considered as part of the Mediterranean.

Iberia and the Mediterranean: An Introduction
Michelle M. Hamilton and Nuria Silleras-Fernández

  1. Christian-Muslim-Jewish Relations, Medieval “Spain,” and the Mediterranean: An Historiographical Op-Ed
    Brian A. Catlos
  2. The Role of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Iberia in the Transmission of Knowledge about Islam to the Western World: A Comparative Perspective
    Gerard Wiegers
  3. The Princess and the Palace: On Hawwa’ bint Tashufin and Other Women from the Almoravid Royal Family
    Manuela Marín
  4. Medieval Mediterranean Travel as an Intellectual Journey: Seafaring and the Pursuit of Knowledge in the Libro de Apolonio
    Nicholas M. Parmley
  5. Between the Seas: Apolonio and Alexander
    Simone Pinet
  6. The Catalan Standard Language in the Mediterranean: Greece versus Sardinia in Muntaner’s Crònica
    Vicente Lledó-Guillem
  7. Empire in the old World: Ferdinand the Catholic and His Aspiration to Universal Empire, 1479–1516
    Andrew W. Devereux
  8. Singing the Scene of History in Fernão Lopes
    Josiah Blackmore
  9. The Most marueilous historie of the Iewes: Historiography and the “Marvelous” in the Sixteenth Century
    Eleazar Gutwirth
  10. Reading Amadís in Constantinople: Imperial Spanish Fiction in the Key of Diaspora
    David A. Wacks
  11. Apocalyptic Sealing in the Lozana Andaluza
    Ryan D. Giles
  12. Expanding the Self in a Mediterranean Context: Liberality and Deception in Cervantes’s El amante liberal
    Luis F. Avilés
  13. Intimate Strangers: Humor and the Representation of Difference in Cervantes’s Drama of Captivity
    Barbara Fuchs

Ebbs and Flows: Looking at Spain from a Mediterranean Perspective
Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

In and Of the Mediterranean, available from Vanderbilt University Press