Ethics of Life

Contemporary Iberian Debates

Ed. Katarzyna Beilin and William Viestenz

The contributors ask the following questions:

  • What are the different rhetorical strategies employed by writers, artists, filmmakers, and activists to react to the degradation of life and climate change?
  • How are urban movements using environmental issues to resist corporate privatization of the commons?
  • What is the shape of Spanish debates on reproductive rights and biotechnology?
  • What is the symbolic significance of the bullfighting debate and other human/animal issues in today's political turmoil in Spain?

Ethics of Life, available from Vanderbilt University Press

Table of Contents


Ethics of Life: Contemporary Iberian Debates
Katarzyna Beilin and William Viestenz

Part I. Genealogies of Ecological and Animal Rights Movements in Modern and Contemporary Iberia

Chapter 1

The Environment in Literature and the Arts in Spain
Carmen Flys-Junquera and Tonia Raquejo

Chapter 2

Nunca Máis: Ecological Collectivism and the Prestige Disaster
John H. Trevathan

Part II. Ecological Crisis and the Neoliberal Appropriation of Public Space

Chapter 3

Tourism and Quality of Life at the End of Franco's Dictatorship
Eugenia Afinoguénova

Chapter 4

Die and Laugh in the Anthropocene: Disquieting Realism and Dark Humor in Biutiful and Nocilla experience
Katarzyna Olga Beilin

Chapter 5

Cultivating the Square: Trash, Recycling, and the Cultural Ecology of Post-Crisis Madrid
Matthew Feinberg and Susan Larson

Chapter 6

Degrowth and Ecological Economics in Twenty-First-Century Spain: Toward a Posthumanist Economy
Luis I. Prádanos

Part III. Iberian Bio-Power: Life as a Political Matter

Chapter 7

Reproductive Rights in Spain: From Abortion Tourism to Reproduction Destination
Pablo de Lora

Chapter 8

Mar adentro and the Question of Freedom
Paul Begin

Chapter 9

Still Different? Biotechnology, Politics, and Culture in Spain
Sainath Suryanarayanan and Katarzyna Olga Beiling

Part IV. Reassembling the Archive through the Concept of Life

Chapter 10

Iberian Cultural Studies beyond the Human: Exploring the Life History of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja in Spanish Anthropology and Popular Film
Daniel Ares López

Chapter 11

The Bull Also Rises: The Political Redemption of the Beast in La pell de brau by Salvador Espriu
William Viestenz

Chapter 12

Animals in Contemporary Spanish Newspapers
John Beusterien

Chapter 13

Accounting for Violence, Counting the Dead: The Civil War and Spain's Political Present
Sebastiaan Faber


Spain: Taking the Alternative?
Martín López-Vega and Luis Martín-Estudillo