Iberian Empires and the Roots of Globalization

Ed. Ivonne del Valle, Anna More, Rachel Sarah O’Toole

Through interdisciplinary essays covering the wide geography of the Spanish and Portuguese empires, Iberian Empires and the Roots of Globalization investigates the diverse networks and multiple centers of early modern globalization that emerged in conjunction with Iberian imperialism.

Iberian Empires and a Theory of Early Modern Globalization
Ivonne del Valle W., Anna More, and Rachel Sarah O’Toole

  1. Precious Metals in the Americas at the Beginning of the Global Economy
    Bernd Hausberger
  2. A New Moses: Vasco de Quiroga’s Hospitals and the Transformation of “Indians” from “Bárbaros” to “Pobres”
    Ivonne del Valle W.
  3. Religion, Caste, and Race in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires: Local and Global Dimensions
    María Elena Martínez
  4. The Portuguese Inquisition and Colonial Expansion: The “Honor” of Being Tried by the Holy Office
    Bruno Feitler
  5. Jesuit Networks and the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Alonso de Sandoval’s Naturaleza, policía sagrada y profana (1627)
    Anna More
  6. Household Challenges: The Laws of Slaveholding and the Practices of Freedom in Colonial Peru
    Rachel Sarah O’Toole
  7. The Reason of Freedom and the Freedom of Reason: The Neo-scholastic Critique of African Slavery and Its Impact on the Construction of the Nineteenth-Century Republic in Spanish America
    María Eugenia Chaves
  8. Jesuits and Indigenous Subjects in the Global Culture of Letters: Production, Circulation, and Adaptation of Missionary Texts in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
    Guillermo Wilde
  9. The Iridescent Enconchado
    Charlene Villaseñor Black
  10. “Idolatrous Images” and “True Images”: European Visual Culture and Its Circulation in Early Modern China
    Elisabetta Corsi
  11. Barlaam and Josaphatin Early Modern Spain and the Colonial Philippines: Spiritual Exercises of Freedom at the Center and Periphery
    Jody Blanco

Reimagining Colonial Latin America from a Global Perspective
Raúl Marrero-Fente and Nicholas Spadaccini

Iberian empires and the Roots of Globalization, available from Vanderbilt University Press