Vol.45: Rite, Flesh, and Stone: The Matter of Death in Contemporary Spanish Culture

Ed. Antonio Córdoba, Daniel García-Donoso

Forensic Science provides information and data behind the circumstances of a particular death, but it is culture that provides death with meaning. With this in mind, Rite, Flesh, and Stone proposes cultural matters of death as its structuring principle, operating as frames of the expression of mortality within a distinct set of coordinates.


Materiality, Culture, and Death in Contemporary Spain

Antonio Córdoba, and Daniel García-Donoso

  1. Executioners and Cultures of Capital Punishment in Franco's Spain (1959–1975)

    Ana Fernández-Cebrián
  2. State of Crucifixion: Tourism, Holy Week, and the Sacred Politics of the Cold War

    Eugenia Afinoguénova
  3. Carlos Saura: Death, Orphanhood, and the Commoners' Transitions

    Angel Loureiro
  4. The Portuguese Inquisition and Colonial Expansion: The “Honor” of Being Tried by the Holy Office

    Bruno Feitler
  5. The Future of the Dead: Reconciliation in Post-ETA Euskadi

    Anabel Martín
  6. Capturing Death: Photography, Performance, and Bearing Witness

    Patty Keller
  7. Death, Afterlife, and the Question of Autobiography (Biutiful, 2010)

    Cristina Moreiras-Menor
  8. What Do We Do with the Dead? The Posthumus in Fernando León's Amador

    Daniel García-Donoso
  9. On Dying Colonialism and Postcolonial Phantasies in Recent Spanish Cinema

    N. Michelle Murray
  10. A Stone That Makes Them Stumble: Mining the Lithic in Manuel Riva's O lapis do carpinteiro

    William Wiestenz
  11. Encounters between Memories and the Present: The Muslim Cemeteries in Contemporary Spain

    Jordi Moreras and Sol Tarrés
  12. The Forensic Eulogy: Science and Invented Traditions in the Commemoration of Republican Dead from the Spanish Civil War

    Layla Renshaw
  13. De-metaphorization of "the Other" in the Wake of Modern Biopolitics: A Reading of Jesús Carrasco's La tierra que pisamos

    Pedro Aguilera-Mellado


Politics, Arts, and Disrupted Death Rituals

Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini