Generation X Rocks

Contemporary Peninsular Fiction, Film, and Rock Culture

Ed. Christine Henseler and Randolph D. Pope

Essays in this volume explore the popular cultural effects of rock culture on high literary production in Spain in the 1990s.

Generation X Rocks, available from Vanderbilt University Press

Table of Contents


Generation X and Rock: The Sounds of a New Transition
Christine Henseler and Randolph D. Pope

Part I. Rocking the Academy: Generation X Narratives

Chapter 1

A Distopian Culture: The Minimalist Paradigm in the Generation X
Gonzalo Navajas

Chapter 2

The Pistols Strike Again! On the Function of Punk in the Peninsular “Generation X” Fiction of Ray Loriga and Benjamín Prado
Paul D. Begin

Chapter 3

What We Talk About When We Talk about Dirty Realism in Spain
Cintia Santana

Part II. Can Anyone Rock Like We Do?: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, Then and Now

Chapter 4

Can Anyone Rock Like We Do? Or, How the Gen X Aesthetic Transcends the Age of the Writer
Samuel Amago

Chapter 5

Apocalypses Now: The End of Spanish Literature? Reading Payasos en la lavadora as Critical Parody
Luis Martín-Cabrera

Chapter 6

Not Your Father’s Rock and Roll: Listening to Transitional/Eighties Writers and Generation X
Elizabeth Scarlett

Part III. Historias del Kronen on the Rocks

Chapter 7

Between Rock and the Rocking Chair: The Epilogue’s Resistance in the Historias del Kronen
Randolph D. Pope

Chapter 8

Realism on the Rocks in the Generational Novel: “Rummies,” Rhythm, and Rebellion in Historias del Kronen and The Sun Also Rises
Matthew J. Marr

Part IV. Rocking the Road with Ray Loriga

Chapter 9

Reckless Driving: Speed, Mobility, and Transgression in the Spanish “Rock ‘n’ Road” Novel
Jorge Pérez

Chapter 10

Television and the Power of Image in Caídos del cielo and La pistola de mi hermano by Ray Loriga
Kathryn Everly

Chapter 11

Rocking around Ray Loriga’s Héroes: Vide-Clip Literature and the Televisual Subject
Christine Henseler

Part V. The Soundtrack of Gender: Violating Visions and the Psychological Power of Rock

Chapter 12

Watching, Wanting, and the Gen X Soundtrack of Gabriela Bustelo’s Veo Veo
Nina Molinaro

Chapter 13

Saved by Art: Entrapment and Freedom in Icíar Bollaín’s Te doy mis ojos
Linda Gould Levine


The Moment X in Spanish Narrative (and Beyond)
Luis Martín-Estudillo