Latin American Jewish Cultural Production

Ed. David William Foster

This collection of essays explores the significant contributions to cultural production and the arts, as well as the considerable presence in academic and intellectual circles of Jews in Latin America.

Latin American Jewish Cultural Production, available from Vanderbilt University Press

Table of Contents


Latin American Jewish Cultural Production

David William Foster

Part 1. Latin American Jewish Identity

Chapter 1

Notes Concerning Jewish Identity in Brazil: From Word to Image

Berta Waldman

Chapter 2

"Israel": An Abstract Concept or Concrete Reality in Recent Judeo-Argentinean Narrative?

Amalia Ran

Chapter 3

Beyond Exotic: Jewish Mysticism and the Supernatural in the Wordks ofAlejandro Jodorowsky

Ariana Huberman

Part II. The Literary Record

Chapter 4

Writing on the Shoah in Brazil

Márcio Seligmann-Silva

Chapter 5

Judaic Traces in the Narrative of Clarice Lispector: Identity Politics and Evidence

Naomi Lindstrom

Chapter 6

Argentina's Wandering Jews: Judaism, Loyalty, Text, and Homeland in Marcelo Birmajer's Tres mosqueteros

Sarah Giffney

Part III. The Plastic Arts

Chapter 7

Spectacle and Spirituality: The Cacophony of Object, Nelson Leirner (b. 1932)

Laura Felleman Fattal

Chapter 8

Text and the City: Design(at)ing Post-Dictatorship Memorial Sites in Buenos Aires

Janis Breckenridge

Part IV. Film and Photography

Chapter 9

Mexican Women, Jewish Women: Novia que te vea from Book to Screen and Back Again

Ilene S. Goldman

Chapter 10

Catastrophe and Periphery: July 18, 1994, and September 11, 2001, on Film

Hernán Feldman

Chapter 11

Madelena Schwartz: A Jewish Brazilian Photographer

David William Foster


Identifying Jewishness

Edward H. Friedman