Vol. 46: Améfrica in Letters: Literary Interventions from Mexico to the Southern Cone

Ed. Jennifer Carolina Gómez Menjívar

Traditional Histories of Black letters in Latin America have delimited their geographic scope to the Caribbean while also omitting intertwined Afro-Indigenous discourses. Inspired by the legacy of Amefrican thinker Lélia Gonzalez, Améfrica in Letters highlights the Black poets, songwriters, novelists, essayists, and bloggers who have created a counter-multiculturalist literary history on the Latin American mainland.


Black Writing on the Latin American Mainland: Disruptions to the Prose of Multiculturalism

Jennifer Carolina Gómez Menjívar

Part I. Afro Poetics

1. Language and the Construction of Gendered Identities in Afro-Mexican Corridos or Ballads

Paulette A. Ramsay

2. A Post-Ethnic/Racial Futurescape in Wingston González's cafeína MC

Juan Guillermo Sánchez Martínez

3. Antonio Preciado: Ecuador's Afrocentric Poet

Michael Handelsman

Part II. Lettered Outliers

4. Transatlantic Routing and Rooting in Quince Duncan's Kimbo

Gloria Elizabeth Chacón

5. The Palimpsestic Afro-Panamanian Woman in Melanie Taylor Herrera's Camino a Mariato

Ángela Castro

6. Black Lives Matter in Brazil: Cidinha da Silva's #Parem de nos matar

Eliseo Jacob

Part III. Intellectual Sonar

7. Other Forests: The Afro-Brazilian Literary Archive

Isis Barra Costa

8. Dismantling Coloniality via the Vocabulary of Afro-Chilean and Afro-Puerto Rican Music-Dance

Juan Eduardo Wolf

9. Xiomara Cacho Caballero: Linguistic Heritage and Afro-Indigenous Survivance on Roatán

Jennifer Carolina Gómez Menjívar

10. Reclaiming Lands, Identity, and Autonomy: Rapping Youth in Rural Chocó, Colombia

Diana Rodríguez Quevedo


Racial Encounters in the Americas in Times of Black Lives Matter

Mamadou Badiane