Spectacle and Topophila

Reading Early Modern and Postmodern Hispanic Cultures

Ed. David R. Castillo and Bradley J. Nelson

This volume explores the intersection between theories of the modern spectacle—from Jose Antonio Maravall's conceptualization of the spectacular culture of the baroque to the Frankfurt School's theorization of mass culture, to Baudrillard's notion of the simulacrum, to Guy Debord's understanding of the society of the spectacle—and the findings of the emerging fields of urban studies, landscape studies, and, generally speaking, studies of space.

Modern Scenes/ Modern Sceneries
David R. Castillo and Bradley J. Nelson

Part I. Foundational Landscapes

  1. Monumental Landscapes in the Society of the Spectacle: From Fuentovejuna to New York
    David R. Castillo
  2. “Granada”: Race and Place in Early Modern Spain
    William Childers
  3. Agi Morato’s Garden as Heterotopian Place in Cervantes’s Los baños de Argel
    Moisés R. Castillo
  4. Signs of the Times: Emblems of Baroque Science Fictions
    Bradley J. Nelson
  5. “The Knowledge of This People”: Mapping a Global Consciousness in Catalonia (1375–2009)
    Colleen P. Culleton

Part II. Modern(ist) Sceneries

  1. Topofilia Porteña: Imaging Buenos Aires and Modernity in (and around) the Journal Sur
    Justin Read
  2. Horacio Coppola: The Photographer’s Urban Fervor
    David William Foster
  3. Seeing “Spain” at the 1893 Chicago World (Columbian) Exhibition
    Catherine Vallejo
  4. Exhausted Cosmopolitanism in Zamacois’s Memorias de un vagón de ferrocarril
    Robert A. Davidson

Part III. National Panoramas

  1. Cultural Landscapes: Luis Cernuda’s Exiled Poetry
    Goretti Ramírez
  2. Francoist Spaces: Un hombre va por el camino (Manuel Mur Oti, 1948) and Surcos (José Antonio Nieves Conde, 1951)
    Luis Mariano González
  3. The Spectacle of a National Trauma: Gaze, Space, National identity, and Historical Memory in Democratic Spain
    Carmen Moreno-Nuño

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