New Spain, New Literatures

Ed. Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini

This volume, which includes essays on Catalonia, the Basque country, and Galicia, and literature written by African immigrants, focuses on issues of "difference" that are at the center of current debates in Spain and elsewhere—the emergence of minoritzed literatures, multilingualism and identity, new relationships between culture and institutions, the negotiation of historical memories, the connections between migrations and the redefinition of nationhood, and the impact of global trends on local symbolic systems.

New Spain, New Literatures, Available from Vanderbilt University Press

Table of Contents


Contemporary Spanish Literatures: Enduring Plurality

Luis Martin-Estudillo and Nicholas Spandiccini

Part I. New Mappings /New Cartographies

Chapter 1

On Rivers and Maps: Iberian Approaches to Comparatism

Enric Bou

Chapter 2

Peripheral Being, Global Writing: The Location of Basque Literature

Mari Jose Olaziregi

Chapter 3

Galacian Writing and the Poetics of Displacement: Ramiro Fonte's A rocha dos proscritos

Kristy Hooper

Chapter 4

Memory and Urban Landscapes in Contemporary Catalan Theater

Jennifer Duprey

Chapter 5

The New Capital of Spanish Literature: The Best Sellers

Maarten Steenmeijer

Part II.Instiutions and Literatures

Chapter 6

A Hispanist's View of Changing Institutions, or About Insects and Whales

Randolph Pope

Chapter 7

Political Autonomy and Literary Institutionalization in Galicia

Delores Vilavedra

Chapter 8

Tensions in Contemporary Basque Literature

Jon Kortazar

Chapter 9

The Persistence of Memory: Antonio Gamoneda and the Literary Institutions of Late Modernity

Jonathan Mayhew

Part III. Challenging Identities

Chapter 10

The Curse of the Nation. Institutionalized History and Literature in Global Spain

Gonzalo Navajas

Chapter 11

Postmodernism and Spanish Literature

Maria del Pilae Lozano Mijares

Chapter 12

African Voices in Contemporary Spain

Cristián Ricci

Chapter 13

From Literature to Letters: Rethinking Catalan Literary History

Stewart King

Chapter 14

The Space of Politics: Nation, Gender, Language and Class in Esther Tusquets' Narrative

Laura Lonsdale


Regarding the Spain of Others: Sociopolitical Framing of New Literatures/Cultures in Democratic Spain

Germán Labrador Méndez