Spanish and Empire

Ed. Nelsy Echávez-Solano and Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez

Essays in this volume deal with the historical, linguistic, and ideological legacy of the Spanish Empire and its language in the New World.

Revisiting Spanish and Empire
Nelsy Echávez-Solano and Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez

Part I. Imperial Legacy—Language and Power in the Spanish Colonial Sphere

  1. Languages, Catholicism, and Power in the Hispanic Empire (1500–1770)
    Juan R. Lodares
  2. Echoes of the Voiceless: Language in Jesuit Missions in Paraguay
    Fernando Ordóñez
  3. Languages and Imperial Designs in the Andes
    Juan C. Godenzzi

Part II. Language and Resistance—The Fight for National and Individual Identities

  1. Exploring the Problematics of Non-Castilian Emigration to the Americas through la vida cuartizada of Joan/Juan Torrendell
    Thomas Harrington
  2. The Foxes by José María Arguedas: A Death Warrant for Perú’s Modern National Project
    José Antonio Giménez Micó
  3. Nuyorican Poetry, Tactics for Local Resistance
    Susan M. Campbell
  4. Latino, Latin American, Spanish American, North American, or All at the Same Time?
    Edmundo Paz-Soldán

Part III. Spanish in the Era of Multiculturalism and Globalization

  1. Language Imperialism and the Spread of Global Spanish
    Clare Mar-Molinero
  2. Signs of Empire in Mexican Graphic Narrative: A Research Agenda
    Bruce Campbell
  3. Spanish, English, or Spanglish? Truth and Consequences of U.S. Latino Bilingualism
    John M. Lipski
  4. Language and Empire: A Conversation with Ilan Stavans
    Ilan Stavans and Verónica Albin

Spanish among Empires
Luis Martín-Estudillo and Nicholas Spadaccini