Undergraduate Minor in Jewish Studies

The Jewish studies minor allows you to develop a concentration in the academic study of Jewish culture and civilization throughout history. The minor, which recognizes the diversity and international aspect of the Jewish experience, complements and reinforces your studies in any major in the humanities and  social sciences (and even some of the physical sciences!) and contributes a comparative focus. You choose from among the full range of Jewish studies courses in Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, the origins and foundational texts of rabbinic Judaism, Jewish history in the ancient, medieval, and modern worlds, Jewish literature, Jewish philosophy, the Holocaust, modern Israel,and the Jewish presence in popular culture.

Course of Study for Jewish Studies Minor

You may earn a BA or a minor in Jewish studies, but not both. The minor consists of a minimum of 6 courses in JWST or other departments approved by the director of undergraduate studies. Up to 10 credits of biblical and/or modern Hebrew courses (3xxx or above) may count toward the minor. If you have chosen to complete the CLA Second Language Requirement with Hebrew, you may therefore complete the minor in Jewish studies by taking only a few more courses. Because the Jewish studies curriculum is interdisciplinary, students in other majors may find they are taking courses that also apply to the Jewish studies minor.

Students who wish to take introductory courses (1xxx or 2xxx) of a second language, in addition to four semesters of coursework in a first foreign language, may count them toward the minor if relevant to Jewish studies and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This applies to students who have studied modern Hebrew but wish to add biblical Hebrew, or vice versa. 

Declare a Minor

To declare a minor in Jewish studies, email the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Natan Paradise.