BA in Jewish Studies

This broad, interdisciplinary field studies the history and cultures of the Jewish people from biblical antiquity to the present. The diverse quality of Jewish civilizations and the unifying forces of religion and language offer ample material for the study of continuity, adaptation, and change.
Our undergraduate program allows you to study the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, the origins and foundational texts of rabbinic Judaism, Jewish history in the ancient, medieval, and modern worlds, Jewish literature, Jewish philosophy, the Holocaust, modern Israel,and the Jewish presence in popular culture. The program has links with the Departments of Classical & Near Eastern Studies; Sociology; History; Spanish & Portuguese Studies; French & Italian Studies; English; German, Scandinavian & Dutch; Political Science, and the School of Music. The University's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies also offers courses related to the Nazi Holocaust and its aftermath.
As a Jewish studies major, you'll acquire important critical analysis, research, and writing skills that are applicable across all disciplines and in a variety of professions. In addition, you will gain cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity that is sought after in the workplace, as well as a historical awareness of the complexities that define the modern world. Jewish studies majors also have access to research opportunities, and the major advisor provides assistance in identifying internships and other professionalizing activities.
We encourage you to study abroad in Israel or Europe as a valuable augment to the major. Consult with the Learning Abroad Center for more information.

You are required to complete at least one course in Biblical or Modern Hebrew at the fourth semester or beyond. Students with prior knowledge of Biblical or Modern Hebrew should consult the major program adviser for appropriate placement in each sequence.

Declaring a Major

To declare the Jewish studies major, email the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Natan Paradise (