Zoom Rooms


Jones 127A

Jones 127A Room Layout

There are a growing number of Zoom Rooms available across campus, including two in Jones Hall: Jones 127A and Jones 135B.

  • Jones 127A includes a small instructor table, a document camera, two whiteboards, and can hold up to six students
  • Jones 135B includes a conference table that seats up to seven people (a document camera can be requested)

A Zoom Room can be reserved for a variety of purposes, and one of the most common is as a place to join an already scheduled Zoom meeting. Both Zoom Rooms are equipped with a large screen monitor, a tablet to join and control Zoom meetings, and a Polycom Studio video conferencing camera with speaker tracking. Users can share content from their laptop wirelessly by logging in to the Zoom application.

These spaces can be used for meetings, participating in or teaching a remote class, and material development.

If you would like to start a Zoom meeting in the room with the press of a single button, you can indicate this on your reservation request form. This is highly recommended if you will be the host of a Zoom meeting that has not yet been scheduled. If you are joining or hosting a meeting that has already been scheduled, the room will work as well, but you will need to enter a meeting number and passcode on the console in the room to join. 

Advantages of using Zoom Room technology

  • Equipment that is always on and ready to go
  • The speaker tracking camera and microphone capture everyone in the room
  • Wireless proximity sharing via laptop or mobile devices means that laptops are not required to join the meeting, and no more cords!

Requirements to join a pre-scheduled meeting

  • The Zoom Meeting ID Number 
  • The Zoom Meeting Passcode (use the standard case sensitive alpha-numeric passcode)

There are multiple configurations for Zoom Rooms, but all spaces feature a touch screen tablet or other device that is already on.

When no meetings are scheduled, the default screen will show a menu with meeting options. Selecting “New Meeting” will start a new unscheduled meeting. Instead tap the “Join” icon. You will be prompted to enter your Meeting ID and Passcode. 

Depending on how the meeting was set up, you may need to turn on the microphone and camera, but you can easily do this from the touch screen. 

You should now be in a Zoom meeting!

Here are some things to know about using a Zoom Room to join a meeting

  • If the Zoom Room joins the meeting before the Host, the room will become the Host. For some spaces, including the Language Center rooms, this will occur even if the meeting was not set up to allow Join before Host. The Host can reclaim privileges by joining the meeting from a laptop or other device and hitting the “Reclaim Host” button.
  • Screen Sharing from a Zoom Room is wireless and easy, but it is important that no one in the space enables the microphone on their laptop or other personal device.

Zoom Rooms offer powerful and intuitive meeting technology, but there are some nuances to how to use them, depending on the purpose of the meeting and how it was set up. Stay tuned for more tips about using Zoom Rooms effectively.

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