Grads on the Market

These graduate students are currently seeking academic and professional appointments. These promising political scientists are prepared in a breadth of scholarship with experience in original research and teaching. We know our students well and welcome the opportunity to give you candid appraisals of their abilities and prospects for any position. If any of these individuals might be appropriate for your needs, please contact our Placement Director, Professor Ronald Krebs, at 612-624-4356 or

Carl Graefe

Subfield Specialties: International Relations, Methodology, Geographic Information Science

Dissertation Focus: New Spaces: On Territoriality in and Expansive Era.

Ibrahim Oker

Subfield Specialties: Comparative Politics, Methodology

Dissertation Focus: Political dynamics propelling the emergence and consolidation of authoritarian welfare states.

Headshot of Peter Suwanpong

Peter (Pongsakorn) Suwanpong

Subfield Specialties: Comparative and International Political Economy, Methodology

Dissertation Focus: Political economy of exchange rate policymaking in the twenty-first century, with an emphasis on developing countries.