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Grads on the Market

These graduate students are currently seeking academic and professional appointments. These promising political scientists are prepared in a breadth of scholarship with experience in original research and teaching. We know our students well and welcome the opportunity to give you candid appraisals of their abilities and prospects for any position. If any of these individuals might be appropriate for your needs, please contact our Placement Director, Professor David Samuels, at 612-624-9876 or

Name Email Graduate Student Specialties
Paula Armendariz Comparative politics, political methodology
Tracey Blasenheim International relations, political theory
Elena Gambino Emancipitory and resitance politics, historiography, 19th and 20th century political theory
Samarjit Ghosh International relations, political theory
Shai Gortler Political theory
Jenn Halen International relations, American politics
Katrina Heimark Comparative courts and comparative political psychology
Ivan Juca Comparative politics, American politics
Jose Kaire Comparative politics, political methodology
Bridget Marchesi International norms and institutions; human rights; transitional justice; civil war
Maria Mendez International relations, political theory
Avram Munoz American politics, Latino politics, representation
Oanh Nguyen Comparative politics, international relations
Carly Potz-Nielsen International relations, political methodology
Robert Ralston International relations, grand strategy, civil-military relations
Farrah Tek Human rights, Cambodia, rule of law, social movements
Thomas Vargas Castro Comparative politics, public policy