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Graduate Courses

We offer a rotating selection of graduate courses every semester. Department faculty teach seminars as readings or research courses on a variety of thematic and temporal topics.

Below is a listing of current graduate course offerings.

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
POL 5970Individual Reading and ResearchSections [1]
POL 8104Professional Development ISections [1]
POL 8107Quantitative Political Science IISections [1]
POL 8120Core Course in Political Methodology: Modeling Political ProcessesSections [1]
POL 8160Topics in Models and MethodsSections [1]
POL 8251Ancient and Medieval Political ThoughtSections [1]
POL 8260Topics in Political TheorySections [1]
POL 8308Proseminar in Political Psychology IISections [1]
POL 8311Political Psychology and SocializationSections [1]
POL 8360Topics in American PoliticsSections [1]
POL 8402International SecuritySections [1]
POL 8444FTE: DoctoralSections [1]
POL 8460Topics in International RelationsSections [1]
POL 8621Comparative and Case Study MethodsSections [1]
POL 8660Topics in Comparative PoliticsSections [1]
POL 8666Doctoral Pre-Thesis CreditsSections [1]
POL 8888Thesis Credit: DoctoralSections [1]
POL 8990Directed Readings and Research in Political ScienceSections [1]

Fall 2021

There are no POL courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.