Graduate Studies Funding

All students admitted to the graduate program are guaranteed five years of financial support through fellowships, research and teaching assistantships, or graduate instructorships. Continued financial support is contingent upon timely and satisfactory progress in the program.

All admitted students receive a first-year fellowship that affords them the opportunity to immerse themselves in their coursework.

Financial support includes:

Additional Fellowships

We nominate prospective students to a variety of fellowships, including:

Faculty nominate more advanced students for the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship, the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, and others.

Alumnus N. Marbury Efimenco (BA '37, political science; MA '40, political science; PhD '49, political science) created an endowed fellowship fund that supports many of our students throughout their career, particularly those in the field of International Relations. David (BA '66, political science) and Janis Larson have created a graduate research fellowship for students studying political economy.

External Funding

Current students may take advantage of other internal and external funding opportunities. The University of Minnesota Graduate School also administers University-wide fellowships and grants.