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The Department of Political Science's Internship Program is the largest in the College of Liberal Arts. Students who participate in a political internship may earn political science credits toward their major. Although credit is not given for the internship itself, students can receive credit for their internships by taking POL 3080 Internship in Politics or Government.  

POL 3080 Internship in Politics or Government

Students can receive credit for an internship related to political science by taking POL 3080 Internship in Politics or Government. The course can be taken for 3-13 credits. Up to six credits of POL 3080 can count for the political science major, and three credits for the political science minor. You can use a maximum of 13 credits can towards your degree, the other credits above six will count towards your total degree credits but not the major. You can take the course more than once but it must be for a different internship. For this course, students complete weekly reading assignments, journal entries, and conduct informational interviews. Essays and research papers may also be required depending on the number of credits in which you enroll. For further information about the course itself and whether your internship is eligible for POL 3080, contact Internship Director Paul Soper. If you have questions on how this course will count towards your major requirements, contact

Finding an Internship

Students studying political science have skills employers in many fields are looking for. There is no one path for students studying political science. We encourage you to find an internship to learn more about what you do and do not like, to build connections and skills, and to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom.

Our department is sent opportunities from various organizations. Check out the opportunities spreadsheet for internships and other ways to get leadership experience. We also encourage students to explore Handshake to learn about additional opportunities. For assistance in searching for an internship, use the Internship Module or watch a short video to get started.

Read our internship success stories to learn about the variety of internships possible for political science majors, our students' experiences, and how these internships have enhanced their undergraduate career.

For financial assistance during your internship, explore CLA's Internship Scholarships.

For Organizations

We strongly believe in offering equal opportunities to our students. When sending opportunities to our students we are clear in acknowledging that we do not endorse any particular governmental agency, political party, non-profit, or business. We are simply a conduit to convey opportunities to students. We expect them to investigate opportunities and entities thoroughly before applying.

If you are a potential employer, please fill out our Opportunity Form so we can share your internship or career opportunities with our students.

We require that all participating organizations abide by the University of Minnesota's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action statement, as well as the Principles for Professional Practice as set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. These include compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity standards, as well as compliance with all federal and state employment regulations. The Department of Political Science reserves the right to refuse service without notification to any employer for any behavior, conduct, or content, which at the discretion of department staff, warrants denial of service.