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Biographies and Memoirs


John Dodson (First PhD graduate of the Department)
an article from History of Psychology by Thomas Brothen covering the career of John Dodson of Yerkes-Dodson Law fame

Marvin Dunnette
a memoir written by Marv Dunnette

R. M. Elliott
a selection from the 1952 History of Psychology in Autobiography

David Lykken
a memoir written by David Lykken

Paul Meehl
a link to the Paul E. Meehl website.  Meehl's 1989 History of Psychology in Autobiography contribution is here

D.G. Paterson
a brief biography published in 2007

B. F. Skinner
a selection from the 1967 History of Psychology in Autobiography

Miles Tinker
D.G. Paterson's essay upon Tinker's retirement in 1959
a bio from 2016 Visible Language

R. M. Yerkes
a selection from the 1932 History of Psychology in Autobiography