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Introduction to Psychology course

Brief History of Introduction to Psychology course at Minnesota
The introductory course has been a central part of the Department’s curriculum since its founding. 

1972 Film Clips

[ Intro ] This segment was apparently filmed in the old Elliott Hall. It features the three course instructors—Kenneth MacCorquodale, David LaBerge, and James Jenkins. 

[ MacCorquodale ] This segment featuring MacCorquodale was filmed at least in part in his office in the remodeled Minnesota Department of Health building (currently Elliott Hall South) that had been remodeled for the Psychology Department before the old Elliott Hall was demolished and during the construction of Elliott Hall North. 

[ LaBerge ] This segment is LaBerge’s first lecture in the course. 

[ Jenkins ] This segment features one of Jenkins’ lectures. 

1980 Film Clips  
[ Intro ]  This segment is the course introduction done by Jenkins.

[ Burkhardt ] Dwight Burkhardt.

[ Fox ] Bill Fox. 

[ Jenkins ] James Jenkins.

[ Kendall ] Phil Kendall.

[ Weiss ] David Weiss.

[ Conclusion ] Conclusion to the introductory lecture—Jenkins.