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The field of psychology is broad and diverse, and the psychology department offers a wide variety of courses to introduce students, including courses in the cognitive & brain sciences; clinical, personality, & social psychology; and individual differences, quantitative psychology, and applied areas. 

Below is a list of courses offered by the psychology department for the current and upcoming semesters. Click for course descriptions with more in-depth information about classwork, expectations, and workload that provide a realistic understanding about what you will experience in the course.

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Current and past PSY course syllabi


Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
PSY 1001Introduction to PsychologySections [25]
PSY 1923The Freshman 15: Stress and Health Management for College StudentsSections [1]
PSY 3001VHonors Introduction to Research MethodsSections [1]
PSY 3001WIntroduction to Research MethodsSections [12]
PSY 3031Introduction to Sensation and PerceptionSections [1]
PSY 3051Introduction to Cognitive PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3061Introduction to Biological PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3101Introduction to PersonalitySections [1]
PSY 3121History and Systems of PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3135Introduction to Individual DifferencesSections [1]
PSY 3201Introduction to Social PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3206Introduction to Health PsychologySections [2]
PSY 3301Introduction to Cultural PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3511Introduction to Counseling PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3604Introduction to Abnormal PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3666Human SexualitySections [1]
PSY 3711Psychology in the WorkplaceSections [1]
PSY 3801Introduction to Psychological Measurement and Data AnalysisSections [12]
PSY 3896Internship in PsychologySections [1]
PSY 3901WMajor Project - Research LaboratorySections [7]
PSY 3902WMajor Project - Individual InterestsSections [7]
PSY 3903WMajor Project - Community EngagementSections [3]
PSY 3993Directed StudySections [1]
PSY 4021Creativity Sciences: Minds, Brains, and InnovationSections [1]
PSY 4501Psychology of Women and GenderSections [1]
PSY 4521Psychology of Stress and TraumaSections [1]
PSY 4902VHonors ProjectSections [1]
PSY 4960Seminar in PsychologySections [3]
PSY 4993Directed Research: Special Areas of Psychology and Related SciencesSections [1]
PSY 4994VHonors Research PracticumSections [1]
PSY 5015Cognition, Computation, and BrainSections [1]
PSY 5018HMathematical Models of Human BehaviorSections [1]
PSY 5054Psychology of LanguageSections [1]
PSY 5062Cognitive NeuropsychologySections [1]
PSY 5065Functional Imaging: Hands-on TrainingSections [1]
PSY 5101HHonors: Personality: Current Theory and ResearchSections [1]
PSY 5202Attitudes and Social BehaviorSections [1]
PSY 5205Applied Social PsychologySections [1]
PSY 5501Vocational and Occupational Health PsychologySections [1]
PSY 5703Psychology of Organizational Training and DevelopmentSections [1]
PSY 5708Organizational PsychologySections [1]
PSY 5960Topics in PsychologySections [1]
PSY 5993Research Laboratory in PsychologySections [50]

Fall 2021

There are no PSY courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.