Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and awards are available to psychology students at both the departmental and university levels.

Department of Psychology Scholarships & Awards 

Psychology scholarships, awards, and prizes are processed through your University of Minnesota student account. These may affect other financial support you have received as a University student.

  • Psychology Engagement Awards: These donor awards support undergraduates completing hands-on experiences in the local, national, or international community.
  • Mortensen Travel Awards & Research Awards: Travel awards are available for students presenting a poster or paper at an undergraduate research conference or professional psychological conference. Research awards are to be used toward research projects undertaken in collaboration with a psychology faculty or psychology adjunct faculty member.
  • Mortensen Scholarships: Each year the Department of Psychology awards several academic scholarships and one learning abroad scholarship to psychology majors.
  • Sharon Borine Capstone Award: This gift acknowledges undergraduate seniors each semester whose final submissions for their capstone course are of the highest quality.

CLA and University Scholarships 

Find scholarships you qualify for using the Undergraduate Scholarship Search tool. You may also be interested in these scholarship opportunities offered by

External Scholarship Resources