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The study of psychology at the undergraduate level occurs within the framework of the liberal arts, where students study disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Psychology requires students to gain a strong foundation in quantitative reasoning and the application of the scientific method as the preferred way of knowing about the world. That is, psychologists rely upon observable evidence to construct knowledge. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior.

Major Program Options

Within our psychology program, you have the option of choosing to receive a bachelor of arts (BA) degree or a bachelor of science (BS) degree.

To help you decide on the BA or BS, we've designed this short quiz. Keep in mind, this quiz is not an absolute determination of which degree path is right for you, it is only to help you think through this key decision. Take the BA vs. BS quiz!

Bachelor of Arts

We recommend you choose a BA in Psychology if you want to develop skills in a language other than English in addition to your psychology coursework. This program delivers a strong general background in psychology and an ability to think clearly and critically in different settings. A BA in psychology will prepare you for a wide variety of careers and graduate studies, including work in counseling/therapy, business, government/law, and education. 

The BA degree requires students to complete four semesters of foreign language study. The language curriculum complements students' interests in cross-cultural studies, contributes to the development of a global worldview, and facilitates study abroad experiences.

Bachelor of Science

We recommend you choose a BS in Psychology if you prefer to develop skills in biological and quantitative psychology complemented by a broad education in related fields such as neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. This degree is intended to prepare students for a range of careers and graduate studies in and related to psychology, such as research, healthcare, and more.

Psychology Minor Programs

Adding a psychology minor to your major is an excellent way to round out your undergraduate education and give you a complementary skill set. There are two options for an undergraduate minor in psychology: the Psychology minor and the Health Psychology minor.