Leadership Opportunities

Student Organization Leadership 

Learn about leadership opportunities available through our Psychology Student Organizations: Psychology Club/Psi Chi, Psychology International Student Association (PISA), and Industrial-Organizational Psychology Club (IOPC)

Psychology Undergraduate Diversity Council 

The Psychology Undergraduate Diversity Council seeks to engage diverse students in the Department of Psychology and ensure their experiences and perspectives are represented in departmental decision-making and to ensure the curriculum, classes and student services and opportunities are equally accessible to all psychology majors. The Psychology Department seeks undergraduate psychology students of diverse backgrounds and identities to serve on the Diversity Council. Contact psyadvis@umn.edu for more information.

Psychology Advising Student Employment 

Interested in a paid position within the Department of Psychology? Student employees in Psychology Undergraduate Advising communicate with fellow students about campus opportunities and resources and while helping to manage the various functions of the Psychology Undergraduate Advising office. Peer advisors and student office assistants have the opportunity to work closely with psychology departmental staff and faculty, as well as gain valuable professional development skills. Check the University of Minnesota Employment board and the Psych Scoop for openings. 

Psychology Undergraduate Student Advisory Council

The Psychology Undergraduate Student Advisory Council seeks to connect Undergraduate Psychology majors (their experiences and voices) to each other and Department leadership with a focus on making changes necessary to support learning and engagement in a more inclusive and diverse climate. Students serving on the council will be expected to convene twice yearly in a structured Town Hall. They will have the opportunity to share advanced anonymous feedback (as desired) and to discuss pertinent topics in an open event format with Department leadership and students in Psychology. The Council has representatives from the Psychology Student Groups, Undergrad Advising, and will look for 8-12 declared psychology majors each year. Active members must be declared psychology students (majors only) when applying to and being accepted to the Council and must remain declared psychology students for the entirety of their active membership. If you want more information, please reach out to psyadvis@umn.edu

Logo for the Psychology Student Advisory Council