How to Study Abroad

The Department of Sociology wants to support you in your efforts to study abroad. Meet with our advisor if you would like additional information about studying abroad.

For more information specific to studying
sociology abroad, see the sociology or
sociology of law, criminology, and justice
Learning Abroad Center page.

For general information on programs,
advising, financial aid, scholarships,
policies, and application materials,
please visit the Learning Abroad Center.

Choose Your Program

There are hundreds of study abroad programs available to you. The Learning Abroad Center has fantastic resources to assist you in choosing the right program for your interests. Consider a short-term global seminar or a year-long program.

Meet With Our Advisor

Worried you can't afford to go abroad? 
Learn more about financing your study abroad

After you have chosen your program and courses, you can fill out your Academic Planning for Study Abroad (APSA). Our coordinator of undergraduate advising must review and approve any courses you want to fulfill your major requirements. This process of evaluating courses takes at least two weeks, so plan to fill out your APSA form as soon as possible.

Our coordinator can help you look over your program's syllabi for sociology courses, and if the course(s) you'd like to have applied toward your major have previously been evaluated and approved by our department, our advisor will include these courses in your study abroad form.

Getting Started

First Step Sessions give basic information about programs, services, and resources available through the Learning Abroad Center. You do not have to reserve your spot—just show up to 230 Heller Hall on the West Bank. You can also take the First Step online.