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Advising Office

923 Social Sciences Building

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The primary role of the undergraduate advising office is to guide you through the process of completing the requirements for a sociology major or minor. Questions or concerns associated with navigating the major or minor are encouraged. In addition to helping you plan your major and minor requirements, the advising office also provides information about internships, contests and scholarships, and other useful university services.

Visit our advising office during drop-in hours or email undergraduate advising for support from our advisors. You may also find the CLA Student Services and Advising Office helpful when planning College of Liberal Arts requirements, exploring major and minor options, and looking for commencement information.  We can declare minors (Sociology, Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance, or Public Health) on Drop-In hours. 

To schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, simply paste this URL: and you'll see our current openings.  When booking be sure to use your U of M Email (x500) and change the title from 'Open Appt' to your name and any details about the appointment you'd like to share with us before we meet with you.  All appointments are virtual and are hosted via Zoom.   We will create the Zoom meeting shortly before we are to meet and update the calendar invitation with the details.

Declare a major

Schedule a meeting with our advisor or attend a declaration session to declare your major in sociology or sociology of law, criminology, and deviance. Read more about how to declare your major.  We do not declare majors on Drop-In hours.

Declare a minor

Fill out the PDF iconMinor Declaration Form and email it to You can also deliver the form to 909 Social Sciences Building. To declare a minor in public health, visit the advising office during drop-in hours.  Students are encouraged to declare their minor early, there are no pre-requisites to declaring either of the Sociology minors or the Public Health Minor.  

Undergraduate Resources

Check our Undergraduate Resources site for a database of current volunteer, internship, scholarship, research, and employment opportunities that are specific to the Department of Sociology.  This site is updated weekly.

Advising Staff

Our coordinator of undergraduate advising, Bobby Bryant, can help:

Our peer advisor, Cali Wery, can help:

  • answer questions about your academic interests, major and supporting coursework, and program plan
  • find more information about your field of interest, possible careers, internships, or graduate school
  • discuss extracurricular opportunities available for sociology undergraduates
  • answer questions about the Major Project and other Sociology-related classes