Study Abroad & Off-Campus

"Studying abroad exposes you to a whole new set of learning experiences. The experience you make is unique to you and that is what makes learning abroad one of the most amazing experiences in college. Studying abroad is where you get out of your comfort zone, or where you can begin to find yourself or to understand yourself. Maybe it is where you find bits of pieces of yourself. The whole experience is about you and what you choose to do with it. Whether it is positive or negative it is something that you can learn from. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity."

-Sunny Vang, Bali, Spring 2016.

Learning Abroad

Do you want to study abroad in a three-week, summer, semester-long, or year-long program?

Learning abroad is often cited as one of students' most rewarding college experiences, and the Department of Sociology wants to support you in your efforts to expand your horizons. The credits you earn while you're abroad may count as electives for your sociology major or sub-plan program, and you can also find volunteer and internship programs abroad. Learn about your learning abroad opportunities in Sociology and Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Justice.

National Student Exchange

Do you want to study in another part of the US or Canada for a year, semester, or summer?

Participate in the National Student Exchange (NSE) and visit a new school. You can choose from more than 200 schools from all over the United States and hundreds of majors/minors. The credits you earn through an off-campus study program may count as electives for your sociology major or sub-plan program. Learn about your National Student Exchange (NSE) opportunities.


Find out more about learning abroad or off-campus opportunities

Meet with our sociology advisor or visit Off-Campus Study Programs in 240 Appleby Hall.