Undergraduate students looking for a sociology course have a wealth of options that can satisfy multiple catalog requirements, including diversity credits and writing-enhanced curriculums. Whether you appreciate the anonymity of a large lecture hall or the intimacy of a smaller, discussion-based seminar, the department offers classes in multiple formats to meet your learning style.

Course descriptions in our ClassInfo database provide more in-depth information about courses, expectations, and workload to give you a realistic understanding of what you will experience in the course. 

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Course Number
Course Title
SOC 1001   Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1101   Law, Crime, & Punishment
SOC 3003   Social Problems
SOC 3005   Social Science Fiction
SOC 3090   Topics in Sociology
SOC 3093   Directed Study
SOC 3094   Directed Research
SOC 3101   Sociological Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System
SOC 3101H   Honors: Sociological Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System
SOC 3102   Criminal Behavior and Social Control
SOC 3201   Inequality: Introduction to Stratification
SOC 3207   Global Islamophobia
SOC 3211W   Race and Racism in the U.S.
SOC 3215   Supercapitalism: Labor, Consumption & the Environment in the New Global Economy
SOC 3221   Sociology of Gender
SOC 3225   The Power of the 1%: Global Philanthropy and the Making of a New World
SOC 3241   Sociology of Women's Health: Experiences from Around the World
SOC 3243W   On Drugs: Pleasures, Panics & Punishments
SOC 3246   Diseases, Disasters, & Other Killers
SOC 3251W   Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender
SOC 3301W   Politics and Society
SOC 3309   Atheists & Others: Religious Outsiders in the United States
SOC 3322W   Social Movements, Protests, and Change
SOC 3411W   Organizations and Society
SOC 3412   Social Networking: Theories and Methods
SOC 3412H   Honors: Social Networking: Theories and Methods
SOC 3417W   Global Institutions of Power: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization
SOC 3421W   Sociology of Work: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs?
SOC 3446   Comparing Healthcare Systems
SOC 3451W   Cities & Social Change
SOC 3452   Education and Society
SOC 3501   Sociology of Families
SOC 3503   Asian American Identities, Families & Communities
SOC 3503H   Honors: Asian American Identities, Families & Communities
SOC 3505   Migrations: People in Motion
SOC 3511   World Population Problems
SOC 3511H   Honors: World Population Problems
SOC 3613W   Stuffed and Starved: The Politics of Eating
SOC 3671   Chinese Society: Culture, Networks, & Inequality
SOC 3681   Gender and the Family in the Islamic World
SOC 3701   Social Theory
SOC 3721   Principles of Social Psychology
SOC 3801   Sociological Research Methods
SOC 3811   Social Statistics
SOC 4090   Topics in Sociology
SOC 4093   Directed Study
SOC 4094W   Capstone Experience: Directed Research (4 credits)
SOC 4101V   Honors: Sociology of Law
SOC 4101W   Sociology of Law
SOC 4102   Criminology
SOC 4102H   Honors: Criminology
SOC 4104   Crime and Human Rights
SOC 4104H   Honors: Crime and Human Rights
SOC 4105   Sociology of Punishment and Corrections
SOC 4106   Crime on TV
SOC 4108   Current Issues in Crime Control
SOC 4111   Sociology of Deviance
SOC 4113   Sociology of Violence: Bedrooms, Backyards, and Bars
SOC 4125   Policing America
SOC 4133   Sociology of Gender, Sex, and Crime
SOC 4135   Sociology of White-Collar Crime
SOC 4135H   Honors: Sociology of White-Collar Crime
SOC 4141   Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 4141H   Honors: Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 4147   Sociology of Mental Health & Illness
SOC 4161   Criminal Law in American Society
SOC 4162   Criminal Procedure in American Society
SOC 4171   Sociology of International Law: Human Rights & Trafficking
SOC 4190   Topics in Sociology With Law, Criminology, and Deviance Emphasis
SOC 4243W   Brewing Society: Alcohol & Social Life
SOC 4246   Sociology of Health and Illness
SOC 4305   Environment & Society: An Enduring Conflict
SOC 4309   Religion in American Public Life: Culture, Politics, & Communities
SOC 4309H   Honors: Religion in American Public Life - Culture, Politics, & Communities
SOC 4311   Power, Justice & the Environment
SOC 4321   Globalize This! Understanding Globalization through Sociology
SOC 4411   Terrorist Networks & Counterterror Organizations
SOC 4451   Sport, Culture & Society
SOC 4461   Sociology of Ethnic and Racial Conflict
SOC 4511   Sociology of Children & Youth
SOC 4521   Love, Sex, & Marriage
SOC 4521H   Honors: Love, Sex, & Marriage
SOC 4551   Sociology of Sexualities
SOC 4551H   Honors: Sociology of Sexualities
SOC 4821   Measuring the Social World: Concepts and Analysis
SOC 4966W   Capstone Experience: Seminar
SOC 4977V   Senior Honors Proseminar I
SOC 4978V   Senior Honors Proseminar II
SOC 4994W   Capstone Experience: Directed Research (1 credit, to be paired with additional Soc elective)