Career Fields

Liberal arts degrees lead to a diverse range of career paths in a large variety of career fields. Explore the eight career fields below to learn about some of the career possibilities that exist with a CLA degree. On each career field page you’ll find:

  • Career Information, including: Job Titles & Descriptions, Job Opportunities, Job Search Advice, and Job Search, Professional Organizations, & Networking Websites
  • Tips for how to Prepare for this Career Field, including: Do Internships, Talk to Professionals, Join a Student Group

If you're looking for information about what you can do with each of the CLA's majors, check out the What Can I Do with a Major WCIDWAMI (pronounced "wicked-whammy") website.

Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism & Communications - AES*

Arts & Culture - ASE*

Business, Consulting, Marketing & Sales - CES*

Education - SAE*

Government, Law, Public Policy & International Affairs - ESI*

Healthcare & Science - IRC*

Nonprofits, Human Services & Social Justice - SEA*

Technology, Data & Analytics - CIR*

*This three letter code represents an interest code. Find out what these interest codes mean and how you can discover your top interests.