Use abbreviations only in situations where they enhance comprehension, that is, when repeatedly referring to a lengthy name or term that has a commonly accepted abbreviation.

In General

  • Use acronym after the first mention

    • As long as the spelled-out name is somewhere on the page

    • No periods, no parenthesis (US, not U.S.)

    • Only use periods if the acronym can be confused with another word (c.o.d.)

Preferred Style of Common Abbreviations

  • BCE, CE, etc., i.e., e.g., vs. (Note that "AM" and "PM" are preferred for time designations.)

  • Do not use etc. after using e.g. and vice versa

  • e.g., i.e., etc.,

    • e.g., for example

    • i.e., specifically or that is

    • etc., and so on

Title and English honorific (salutation, appellation, courtesy title)

  • Use a period for these abbreviations (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Mx., Ms.)