Names & Job Titles

  • Use a person’s first and last name the first time they are mentioned in a story, use last names on the second reference, do not use courtesy titles such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms. unless they are part of a direct quotation or are needed to differentiate between people who have the same last name

  • Refer to professionals by name with title, full name, or last name (Professor Abdi, Cawo Abdi, Abdi)

  • Refer to students and alumni by full name, last name, or first name (consider the context— friendly and conversational: first name, informational or congratulatory: full name or last name)

  • For formal purposes, when listing the names of international students who are using an American name, the American name should be set off with parentheses. Example: Ziyi (Paul) Peng.

  • Featured professionals on content pages

    • Consider the context when referring to professionals and experts; refer to professionals consistently throughout the page: full name, last name, first name, and title with last name are appropriate depending on the context for the writing. (JoAnn has a PhD in English and a background in chemistry; Dr. Wilcox is also the founding member; University of Minnesota psychology professor Jeffry Simpson)

  • Capitalization

    • Capitalize titles only when they appear before a person’s name (Associate Professor Kim Wong; Kim E. Wong, associate professor of linguistics)

    • Do not capitalize titles that follow a name or that are used alone in a descriptive way