• Captions are not necessary for photos but may be used to explain an image or enhance the story or to give a photo credit or attribution
  • Limit caption length to one or two sentences


  • Byline immediately below the headline
  • Contributors, editor, and interviewer go at the end of the article (May Phly and June Bugg contributed to this article)(Everett Greene interviewed the subject for this story)

Photo Credit and Attribution

  • Credit is not required for photographs or illustrations, except in the following instances:
    • The photo or illustration was created by a student member of CLAgency, Backpack, or is a CLA Office of Institutional Advancement intern
    • The photo or illustration requires that credit be given as a condition of its use
  • Use the following credit style for student photographers: Photo by [photographer name], [organization name] student. Example: "Photo by Ansel Adams, CLA intern"

  • Multiple photographers or illustrators: indicate left to right, top to bottom, or clockwise. Example: Photos (l to r ) by [photographer name], [photographer name], and [photographer name]

Photography & Other Images (Photos, Pictures)

  • Teaser image dimensions: 870 by 580 pixels (this is the minimum size for upload)

  • Never use a photo or graphic image in place of text (e.g., a button that says “Sign up”) (jpg, pdf, etc.)
    • Text must only be set as text