Composition Titles

Source type


Quotation marks

No italics or quotation marks


works of art, names of paintings or photographs

official titles of art exhibits

traditional or descriptive names of artworks, descriptive titles of art exhibits


operas, long musical compositions, their descriptive or traditional titles

songs, short musical compositions



collections of poems, long poems published separately

short poems

parts of poems

Spoken word (not poetry or plays)

proceedings of conferences

substantive titles of conferences, unpublished lectures, speeches, and papers

Groups or clubs

Written word (not poetry)

published: books, monographs, pamphlets, brochures, periodicals (magazines, newsletters, journals, etc.)

collections of plays, essays, and short stories, newspapers (entire titles), newspaper sections published separately, blog titles

parts and chapters of books, dissertations, theses, manuscripts, reports, unpublished lectures, speeches, and papers, short stories and essays included in books, blog entry titles



plays, motion pictures, albums, CDs, radio or television programs, legal cases, ships and aircraft, foreign words


university course titles, names of depositories, archives, manuscript collections, organizations (National Public Radio), parties (republican), alliances, bills, project titles