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University of Minnesota System Identity Style Guide

The University of Minnesota System comprises five distinct campuses as well as extension offices, research centers, and entities across Minnesota. An identity guide was developed to communicate the system’s value to key audiences and establish consistent language, messages, and visual identity for use by all within the system. Use this resource for naming conventions for University of Minnesota System campuses. The guide contains a positioning statement, key messages, and boilerplate language to describe the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus as well as other campuses in the University of Minnesota System.


  • Do not capitalize campus (Twin Cities campus)

  • Capitalize East Bank and West Bank when they stand alone

  • Do not capitalize east/west bank when campus is mentioned (the west bank of the Minneapolis campus)

  • No punctuation is necessary between the University of Minnesota and campus designators (University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Minnesota Morris, etc.)


  • Capitalize words designating political or geographic regions of the world (Upper Midwest, Hennepin County)

  • Do not capitalize descriptive words that indicate direction only (midwestern United States, southeast Minneapolis)

  • Capitalize generic terms that are part of names, but not when used descriptively (Wilson Library on the west bank, located on the East Bank, Lake of the Isles, the north woods)

Larry Liu Stage

  • Per the donors’ preference, use the full name: the Larry Liu Stage, Kilburn Theatre or Kilburn Theatre’s Larry Liu Stage.