Santino Fontana on stage in Tootsie
Santino Fontana (BFA Acting '04) in Tootsie on Broadway.

Application and audition submission will open October 6, 2021.

Step 1: Prescreen Video

All prospective students are required to complete a pre-screen video audition. You must register with Get Acceptd to begin your application. From there, upload your initial video, headshot, and resume and pay the audition fee.

Step 2: Apply to UMN

Upon completion of your Get Acceptd application, you must also apply to the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts. Apply online, or call 1-800-752-1000. You must have completed your application to the University of Minnesota prior to the final admissions deadline.

The University of Minnesota early admissions deadline is November 1, 2022 and the standard deadline is December 1, 2022. Applications will still be accepted after January 1, though it is possible that students with late applications could be waitlisted by the University.

What to Prepare for Your Pre-Screen

We ask that you prepare and present two monologues. Three minutes total; please keep within the time limit!
Your slate is not included in your time. Please state your name, city, title of the play, and the role.

For the two monologues:

  • Select from written, produced plays. Please do not choose material from films, television, or original and/or self-written scripts. 
  • Rehearse them so that the total time does not exceed three minutes. 
  • At least one should be a portrayal of a character close to you in age, temperament, and emotional experience. 
  • Choose one from a play written over one hundred years ago. (Examples are Shakespeare, Molière, Calderon, Ibsen, Shaw, Chekhov, Wilde, Lorca, Hellman, any Greek playwrights, as well as anything outside of the western canon, etc.) 
  • Choose one from a play written within the last one hundred years.

These videos are due on December 10, 2022 and all will be viewed by January 1, 2023. After that date you may be asked to attend an in person audition in Minneapolis and Chicago. 

For guideline and requirement questions please contact: Deb Pearson 

For technical questions, please check out our Help Desk for frequently asked questions.