If you’d really like to develop the Leadership part of your Teamwork & Leadership Core Career Competency—and gain valuable experience at the same time—working in some sort of leadership capacity is a great thing to do.

And there are all sorts of ways to do it! 

In fact, opportunities to lead are all around you. Many of them are right here on campus. Learn about dozens of possibilities you can explore.

The Many Benefits of Leadership Experience

Whatever leadership path you pursue, you’ll be setting yourself up well for the future. 

Leadership is a highly sought-after competency—among employers, graduate/professional school admissions committees, and others. In fact, according to a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, when employers are deliberating between two otherwise equally qualified candidates for an entry-level position, the trait “has held a leadership position” plays the fourth-highest role in the final hiring decision. (It received an average score of 3.7 out of 5 in the study, with 1 signifying “no influence at all” on the employer’s thinking and 5 signifying “extreme influence.”)

You may or may not see yourself as a potential leader. But there is no one, “right” personality type or skill set you need to have. Leadership development is just that: the development of your leadership competency. Good leaders aren’t born; they’re made. And you can lead your way; you don’t have to be—or lead like—someone you’re not.

Finding Leadership Opportunities

You can find leadership opportunities in a variety of ways. 

Begin by visiting the website of the U of M's Leadership Education and Development initiative. There you’ll find detailed information on the 17-credit leadership minor as well as engagement programs that will help you develop your personal leadership approach.

Next, below is a sampling of both CLA and University-wide leadership opportunities:

CLA Student Groups and Boards University-Wide Leadership Opportunities


Use GopherLink to Learn About Leadership Opportunities and More

GopherLink can help you identify student organizations (and associated leadership opportunities) of interest, plus keep up with events and even track your many involvement activities.