What Can I Do With a Major In Dance?

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Major Information

You can do a lot with this major! Among the many careers options open to Dance majors, some of the most common are dancer, choreographer, performer, instructor, and artist.

The U of M Dance Program offers two degree options: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). The BA is in general dance studies. The BFA focuses on dance technique and performance.

All liberal arts degrees help CLA students develop their Core Career Competencies, and Dance majors develop specific skills that are applicable to lots of different careers. These skills include:

  • Creative problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Critical listening, observation and thinking skills
  • Ability to teach others using creative methods
  • Understanding of rhythm, coordination, and physicality
  • Discipline and memorization skills
  • Comfort with scrutiny and critique
  • Able to work well independently and collaboratively
  • Broad knowledge of cultural history and events

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Career Options

Below is a small sampling of what alumni with this major have pursued, organized by the most common career fields they go into (although, keep in mind that there are Dance alumni in all eight of the career fields).  For more career information for dance majors, utilize these additional resources:

  • What Can I Do With This Major - Find information about common career paths, employers, and strategies for how to build experience in different career fields
  • LinkedIn's Alumni Tool - Explore thousands of alumni career pathways
  • GoldPASS - Explore different job, internship, and volunteer opportunities as well as career events on campus

Note: *Asterisks denote that further education and/or training is often required

Arts & Culture


  • Education Intern - Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival
  • Development Intern - Center for Victims of Torture
  • Marketing Intern - Children's Theatre Company
  • Marketing Strategy Intern, Fair Anita
  • Dancer, Dance Italia


  • Dance/Performer - ColliDe Theatrical Dance Company
  • Dancer - Shapiro and Smith Dance
  • Attended Intensive - Ririe, Woodbury Dance Company
  • Box Office Manager - Theatre of the Riverside Church
  • Instructor - St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists
  • Company Member - ARENA Dances
  • Board Member - Keane Sense of Rhythm
  • Choreographer - St.Olaf College
  • After School Program Instructor and Mentor
  • Actress/Dancer - Guthrie Theater
  • Lighting Assistant - ShopNBC
  • Character Performer/Mover- Walt Disney World
  • Dance Artist, freelance
  • Dance Company Member - JAZZDance
  • Dance Instructor - Big Brothers Big Sisters


  • Professional Dancer - Sarah Berges Dance Company
  • Dance Program - University of Minnesota
  • Administrative Director, Dance Division - The Juilliard School*
  • Guest Artist, Teacher and Choreographer - St. Olaf College
  • Director/Choreographer - Kaleena Miller Dance
  • Artistic Director - Lucas Daniel Dance
  • Director - Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center
  • Managing Director - New Epic Theater
  • Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor - Life Time
  • Co-Coordinator - Minnesota Sage Awards for Dance
  • Managing Editor & Art Director - NuMode Magazine*

Graduate Programs

  • MFA, Dance
  • MA, Dance Therapy