Graduate Minor in Rhetoric and Scientific & Technical Communication

By taking 6 credits (for a master's minor) or 12 credits (for a doctoral minor), MA and PhD students outside the Department of Writing Studies can earn a graduate minor in rhetoric and scientific & technical communication. The minor prepares students to integrate writing pedagogy into discipline-specific teaching practices, develop skills in rhetorical analysis, apply scientific and technical communication principles to the communication of scholarly work, and more.

Graduate students in many disciplines can benefit from writing studies courses and seminars in our primary focus areas of:

  • rhetorical theory and history
  • technical communication
  • technology and culture
  • digital and new media studies
  • writing pedagogy

Please contact for details. We encourage you to plan course selections in consultation with the director of graduate studies (DGS) for the RSTC programs.

Declare the rhetoric and scientific & technical communication graduate minor through One Stop.

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