“I would not only recommend, but strongly advise other students to complete an internship during their time at the University of Minnesota. Honestly, there are so many lessons and skills that I learned while working at St. Jude Medical that I would have never been able to learn in the classroom.”
–Alexa Keenan

Technical writing & communication (TWC) majors are encouraged to complete an internship during the summer after their junior year or during their senior year.

Interns gain skills and professional experience 

  • Writing and Editing
  • Conducting research in science, technology, legal issues, or public policy
  • Designing computer applications, websites, graphics, or visual presentations
  • Participating in organizational or intercultural communication strategies
  • Participating in information design and project management
  • Developing communication materials for government, education, business, scientific, or technical industries 

Technical Writing and Communication majors have found internships at:

  • Boston Scientific

  • Graco

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

  • The Toro Company

  • Unisys

  • Medtronic

  • University Usability Lab

WRIT 3896 Internships for Technical Writing and Communication

To receive academic credit for an internship in the TWC major, students must receive prior approval before enrolling in WRIT 3896. This 3-credit course fulfills a Technical Writing and Communication major elective. Students are eligible to enroll in WRIT 3896 after completing 18 credits in the TWC major and WRIT 3562W, Technical and Professional Writing.

To register for WRIT 3896:

  1. Find an internship through the Internships for CLA Students website or one of the additional resources listed below. 
  2. Contact Jane Carlson to review your internship and the approval process.
  3. Work with your internship employer to fill out the WRIT 3896 Work Agreement Plan.
  4. Submit the Work Agreement Plan and receive a permission number to register for WRIT 3896.

Follow the Student Instructions for Internship Site Agreement (in Handshake) to register your internship with the CLA no later than the first two weeks of the term.

Additional Resources

  • The CLA Career Services Office offers career coaching and resources to explore different careers and gain experience. 
  • Check the TWC newsletter for internship postings.
  • Students can apply for internship scholarships through the CLA to help fund their TWC internship.   

Connect with members of the Technical Communication Advisory Board.

“The amount of autonomy and power I had as an intern was surprising; I had real responsibilities, deadlines, and power very early on. Boston Scientific Corporation treats their interns as real employees, and they are expected to do real work and have an impact, which is exciting.”
–Carah Kucharski