BA in Anthropology

As an anthropology B.A. major, you will take courses that examine humans from evolutionary, historical, and cultural perspectives and you will develop critical thinking in areas as diverse as globalization, biology, the state, the human body, politics, evolution, colonialism, race, language, health and illness, and cultural diversity. In order to gain the maximum benefit from Anthropology’s breadth of topical and critical perspectives, we encourage students to take courses in cultural, biological, archaeological, and linguistic anthropologies.

Major requirements include courses from the introductory to the advanced level, as well as a capstone experience. The Anthropology B.A. requires the completion of the equivalent of 4 semesters of any second language, a key element of your training as an anthropologist concerned with cultural and linguistic difference.

Students planning to continue to a graduate program in anthropology generally concentrate on a specialty within the field, such as medical anthropology, human evolution, or North American historical archaeology.

Is the BA or the BS Right for Me?

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